Broadtail Stroller With Russian Sable Maderin Collar And Tripe Row Cuffs 32″


Broadtail Stroller with Russian Sable maderin collar and tripe row cuffs – 32″

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Broadtail Stroller with Russian Sable manderin collar and triple row sable cuffs

  • The smoothest grade possible: The smoother the markings, and the shorter the hair, the higher the quality. This makes it the lightest weight possible. The lighter weight the higher the quality.
  • Straight through the torso with fitted sleeves and shoulders
  • Russian Sable (Number one fur in the world) manderin collar and cuffs
  • Overlapping closures
  • The way light hits the fur gives it a depth that is impossible to replicate

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Weight10 lbs



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Black, Taupe


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